This course at the University of Connecticut is providing unique insights in the advanced analytics (AI/ML) industry and sheds light on trends and developments of the real world application of AI/ML, covers career opportunities, the development and maturity of enterprises in the AI/ML space, AI/ML value creation challenges and gives insights on approaches and frameworks that can be used to manage and overcome those challenges.


The Course will be offered as part of the Summer Program in 3 sessions, one session of 2 hours every 2 weeks (Thursdays 5 pm EST on the 07/14, 07/28, 8/11) with no exam but attendance and participation as requirement.

Each 2 hour session will include about 1.5 hours presentation and 0.5 hours Q&A and discussion.


1) The Advanced Analytics Industry & its Career Opportunities

AI/ML is a booming industry sector with almost $70 billion investment globally in 2020 and an increasing demand for a highly qualified workforce. However, the demand is broad and evolving in various directions (e.g. engineering, consulting, data science, analytics). Driving forces for the evolvement of the sector are technological advancements and business requirements that create various opportunities for experts in AI/ML and beyond. What are current industry trends, career opportunities and where can you find them?

Session Objectives in Detail: Learning about (a) the AI/ML industry in general and current career opportunities, (b) developments of the industry and (c) future opportunities (job specializations, geographical areas, salary expectations), (d) which enterprises could be good employers and (e) what are enterprises trying to achieve with AI/ML. Q&A and discussion about career interests.

2) Value Creation with Advanced Analytics

84% of business executives believe they need to use AI to achieve their growth objectives and 75% of C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale AI, their organization might go out of business within 5 years. However, research also shows that 85-90% of AI projects fail to bring any return on investment and even the AI/ML leaders only saw a positive business impact at the last 20% of their AI journey, which can take up to a decade. Hence, although the demand is high for the application of AI/ML, what are the challenges of AI value creation?

Session Objectives in Detail: Learning about (a) the AI/ML journey of enterprises and (b) the known and unknown challenges of AI/ML value creation. Q&A and discussion about how to overcome those challenges.

3) Mastering the Value Creation Challenges

Challenges of AI/ML value creation go far beyond technology. They are interdisciplinary and require a holistic point of view across areas (engineering, analytics, data science, business) and a mindset that takes into account business value, business transformation and change management, advanced actionable analytics and a deep data understanding. If you are able to solve those challenges, you are able to create value for the industry.

Session Objectives in Detail: Learning about the AI value framework, which will cover (a) the understanding of real world AI Business Cases, (b) AI Business Transformation, (c) AI Business Analytics and (d) Data Understanding with insights on frameworks for value creation. Q&A and discussion about how to prepare for a career in the AI/ML industry.

Course Material:

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