I consider myself as enterprise AI transformation executive and thought leader in advanced analytics/data science combined with extensive experience in behavioral economics/change management. During my career, I got the opportunity to lead the development and implementation of innovative analytics solutions to solve complex problems for a variety of industries and global fortune 500 companies in USA, Europe and Asia. I was able to provide exceptional business value by out-of-the box thinking and delivering solutions facilitating unique business opportunities with actionable decision support augmentation.

I hold a PhD in behavioral economics and have been a researcher and lecturer in business and especially consumer psychology at several highly ranked universities in Australia, Asia & Europe. I am specialized in motivational psychology and behavioral change, driving change management initiatives across the enterprise value chain and implementing sustainable analytics solutions to augment/automatize business processes.

I have enterprise leadership experience of cross-functional international teams of analysts, data-scientists, engineers, and consultants as well as external data and technology vendors. I managed up to 50 data science/analytics projects per year under budget and time constraints from ideation to implementation. I have hands-on experience in programming and prototyping advanced analytics/machine learning (in Python, R, H2O, SPSS) solutions and am proficient in data literacy, management and handling structured and unstructured data.

Here are some of my most recent positions as AI specialist, consultant and academic researcher:

Senior Director of Customer Data Science (USA)

Principal Data Scientist (USA)

Director of Data Science / Head of Department (Germany)

Data Analyst & Research Consultant (Germany)

Researcher & Lecturer in Economics (Australia/Singapore)

Post-Doc Researcher & Lecturer in Economics (Germany)

Selected Publications & Presentations:

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