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Singapore. A city like this I have never seen before. Beautiful parks, wonderful architecture, great food and very nice people. After traveling around the world, which is a great side effect of my job, I got the chance to work as a lecturer in Singapore.

This city seems to be really big with it’s millions of people but when you spend a couple of weeks there you will see that it is just a little town. Don’t understand me wrong, it is a big city but it has the charm ...

Have you ever heard saying somebody: “I love this brand!”? Why do we attach ourselves to brands? What can brands provide to us we do not get from others? In this research project we wanted to investigate the interaction between real social relationships and relationships to brands.

In doing so, we asked the participants if they feel secure in their relationships related to their relationship partner. Although mostly they do so, we found differences in current relationship security. Furthermore, we showed our participants different brands in ...


This research investigates the effect of donor relationships on the probability of giving and the giving amount of donors to charities. The results show that both variables are increasing with proceeding in the donor relationship process (from a donor, who has never given to your charity over a donor who has given once to a loyal donor). That means that results do not only show that the probability of giving raises, it was also found that the amount of giving is boosted extremely (almost doubled). But only regularly giving donors show this giving behavior! Furthermore, this research explains in detail how to reach the next step on the ladder to make a loyal donor out of a potential giver. This article closes with a discussion of the results and managerial implications.

Do you really know your donors?

a study about behavioral based segmentation

The idea of customer segmentation is not new in the area of marketing and charity business. But we used a new methodology to make sure that this segmentation is meaningful to you. Extending previous articles in academia, this research uses a new segmentation method (model based clustering) to analyse behavioural donation data. This approach is therefore more reliable than previous approaches because not only the methodology of model based clustering is superior to previous methodologies but also the usage of behavioral data outperforms previous approaches using a lifestyle clustering.

How to come back

after falling in disgrace?

a study about getting donors back

This research investigates which factors are important to get your donors back if they reject your donation requests. Our research shows that especially religious and political organizations lack of donor acceptance. The results show that this topic is a strongly emotional one. More involved donors (with a deep knowledge about a charity) are harder to regain than new donors. These results rely on donor characteristics, such as gender and age.

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Who am I?

Hello visitor, my name is Michael Proksch. I am researcher in and very passionate about analytics in the area of marketing and consumer psychology. This is my private website. Here you can find a few of my projects, which I would like to share with you. If you have any questions or want to be a part of it, do not hesitate to contact me.



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research results

The research in consumer relationship management is a wide field describing consumer behavior related long term relationships as the most influential impact on successful company leadership.

Although there are constructs like trust or satisfaction as important drivers of purchase intention there is only one phenomena defining the relationship strength ...

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Why and how to get donors loving your charity?

an investigation of donor relationships


research results

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Photo by olly18, depositphotos.com

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